We are social scientists who believe in the importance of understanding social reality for public policy and public discourse. After achieving rapid economic growth since the Economic Reform that began in 1978, China now impacts the rest of the world in significant ways, in almost all domains and walks of life. Yet, little is known about people’s attitudes towards China. Most policy discussions about China’s international relationships have focused mainly on the attitudes of political and business elites in other countries. It is time to correct the imbalance.

We are dedicated to measuring, documenting, understanding, and disseminating information about ordinary people’s attitudes towards China. While we are keenly aware that public opinion is inherently fluid, subject to being influenced by politicians, media, and even research methodology, public opinion is real and has real social consequences. Those who ignore it do so at their own peril.

We have collected all the relevant data that we could obtain from many sources for our purpose. On this website, we present this data in formats that make it easy to understand.

As researchers, we believe in scientific objectivity and wish to present data impartially. Not only are we not political, we are not even interested in policy implications. Consumers of our website can draw their own political and policy inferences. We are only data providers, or modern-day messengers. No more, no less.

Yu Xie
Bert G. Kerstetter '66 University Professor of Sociology and the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies Princeton University
Shawn F. Dorius, Dr.
Associate Professor of Sociology Iowa State University
Donghui Wang
Postdoctoral Research Associate Princeton University
Yongai Jin
Global Scholar Renmin University
Junming Huang
Associate Research Scholar Princeton University
Ziye Zhang
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Lemeng Liang
Journalism and Communication '20 Tsinghua University